Write a letter to dear abby

I'm the happily married mother of two teenage boys.

Write a letter to dear abby

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: My mother was watching TV with me and my sister. Dear Abby has posted your letter.

I mean what are the chances? He then commenced to reading the whole thing and my heart sunk. You wrote, Dear Abby, My sister has a beach front summer place on a lake. She also has two boys, ages 11 and 13, and two girls, ages 12 and When the weather permits, she requires the boys to play on the beach and in the water completely nude.

However, she has the girls wear swimsuits. Dad interjected, You got that right! And, by the way, I like how you changed the facts to protect the innocent. Then he continued, When I discussed it with my sister, she said it was good to bring up boys without secrets from their sisters and that I should do the same.

I half jokingly asked her if she thought Dear Abby would agree with her and she bet you would because you had a plain sense of fundamental realities.

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I agreed to write you and show her your answer. Then continued to read, I also agreed to concur with it. Mom got an embarrassed look as we both realized what was to come.

What do you say? He continued, Dear Mass Mrs. He was grinning broadly. The fundamental realities are that boys and girls are very different. Although this may seem unfair to the boys, girls require more privacy than boys and it would be inappropriate to insist that the girls comply with the no-swimsuit rule.

However, the boys should, Dad emphasized, And listen to this. Boy did she get that last part wrong.

See a Problem?

My Dad was in ecstasy as he chided Mom. I told you, Jack should spend a couple of weeks nude. He needs to go with the Jenkins. Now you may think I jest about this letter. If you do, feel free to check it out for yourself.

You might even find the column on line. Mom took the chance that Abby would actually give a different response and lost. She had made the deal with Dad that if Abby agreed, I was to be forced to go with the Jenkins. In reality they were twelve year old twins.

Their parents did own a lake front cottage in a lakeside community in the middle of a pine forest. And, what she wrote was actually true. They had two sisters, Gabrielle the youngest was nine and their older sister, Sandy, was When they went to the beach both sisters got to invite one of her friends.

But, as you can see, Mom had an issue with the dress code. Being ultra-body shy, I did too. You know when I was a boy Who the hell took those pictures anyway?

We all took pictures. When we had them developed, we got enough prints made to share with each other.

write a letter to dear abby

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