Vegetarianism could save the planet

Veganism can save the world. Just ask the UN. Veganism combats world hunger A lot of the food that's grown in the world isn't being eaten by humans.

Vegetarianism could save the planet

Vegetarianism could save the planet Tuffrey 4th January Globally, meat consumption has increased by 20 per cent in the last decade despite concerns about its environmental impact.

So, asks Laurie Tuffrey, can going vegetarian really help the earth? A quick glance at the statistics for the environmental impact of meat production provides ample food for thought. For instance, there are almost 1. The amount of water needed to produce one kilogramme of beef varies depending on which figures you look at, but estimates are between 13, litres andlitres.

With this in mind, just how sustainable is eating meat?

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In the UK, according to a Food Standards Agency survey, around three per cent of the population are currently vegetarian, with another five per cent regularly choosing meat-free meals.

Concern for the environment, though, is also a driving factor for a number of vegetarians. The same area, if used to produce meat, could feed between only five and Guy Watson, the founder of Riverford Organicsan organic food box scheme delivering 40, boxes of vegetables, dairy and meat a week, appreciates the difficulties.

The crops are grown on a vast scale and combined with the space needed for cattle ranching, it accounts for the majority of the six million hectares of forest felled a year, according to Friends of the Earth.

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The inefficiency comes when crops such as soya, which could be eaten by humans, are being grown for animal feed instead. The environmental cost of this process is significant, as Watson explains: For Hodgkinson, taking control of the process and reclaiming production from the large-scale producers was the far more responsible way of eating meat.

It was quite horrible really, seeing a pig die, but we faced up to our responsibility. FAO figures show that 92 million tonnes of wild fish were landed in globally, with a further According to Taylor, the latter are unsustainably inefficient.

James Simpson, a spokesperson for the MSC, says that by carefully choosing which types we eat, sustainable fish eating is possible: What remains a fact is that over-consumption of meat has significant ramifications, not only for the environment but also for our health, with a Worldwatch Institute report finding that by significantly decreasing the amount of red meat eaten, 11 percent of all deaths in men and 16 percent in women could be prevented.

Eating smaller portions of ethically farmed meat is perhaps the most sustainable way of being a meat-eater, even if it means paying more. Either way, responsible meat and fish consumption is a tricky area to navigate.

Five ways to save the planet via your plate Eat more pulses Eat protein sources from lower down the food chain, like pulses and nuts.


By eating produce grown locally, you'll not only be supporting the British food industry, you'll also reduce your food footprint by 57 percent, according to Vegetarian Society figures. Try meat-free Mondays Lowering your meat intake might mean taking the lead from Paul McCartney and his Meat Free Mondays campaignand having one day a week where you eat no meat.

Avoid the supermarket Buy from box schemes or local farm shops.

Vegetarianism could save the planet

Veg Box Recipes has a handy box scheme finder online. Switch to sustainably sourced fish Eat MSC certified fish.So, asks Laurie Tuffrey, can going vegetarian really help the earth? A quick glance at the statistics for the environmental impact of meat production provides ample food for thought.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides some staggering statistics. It puts enormous pressure on the world's resources.

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A vegetarian diet is better." And what is Stern diet? "Not strict vegetarian," apparently. Therein are the makings of a defence for meat eating. Will turning vegetarian save the planet? Or you could simply have fewer children - the most planet-unfriendly thing you can possibly do is produce more animal-gobbling.

Almost all articles on this topic suggest going vegetarian could achieve emission cuts of 50 percent or more. But these figures are never a reduction of total emissions, just those emitted from food. This is an important distinction because four-fifths of emissions are being ignored.

Vegetarianism Could Save the Planet A. Students’ Declaration I hereby declare that this project report has been written by me and no part has been copied from any source other than the ones I have mentioned in the reference. Apr 08,  · Choosing plant-based diets can promote environmental sustainability and make the world better for generations to come, says George Wang.

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