The power of turkish radio

Business Turkish economy facing major challenges For years on end, Turkey has been able to log astonishing growth rates. But economists are now sounding the alarm bells, saying that political uncertainties are not the only cause for concern in the coming months.

The power of turkish radio

Guardian Moored at a specially constructed dock metres off the coast of Beirut, a huge hulk of a ship rises impressively at dusk against the fading pinks and blues of the western sky.

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But this is not a US aircraft carrier or foreign warship sent to keep an eye on politically fragile Lebanon; its purpose is more peaceful, but in its way, equally dramatic. Known as a "power ship", the Turkish-owned and operated vessel with 11 towering steel stacks or chimneys resembles a sort of floating Battersea power station.

After securing a supply of heavy fuel oil and hooking up to Lebanon's national grid, the ship is delivering MW of electricity daily. This total is expected to rise to MW in June, when a second Turkish power ship arrives off Beirut.

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Speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate the ship, Gebran Bassil, Lebanon's energy minister, said the operation was beginning ahead of schedule and would benefit Lebanese citizens and businesses.

If the government's plans were fully implemented, Lebanon would have a dependable hour electricity supply by The ship is one of a fleet of seven operated by Karadeniz, which launched the project in Such has been the interest from the governments of developing countries that five more are being built.

The company described the ships as an environment-friendly, innovative hi-tech concept. Power ships have previously operated in the port of Basra in southern Iraq, where post-invasion electricity shortages became a part of daily life.

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Karadeniz also supplied Karachi, southern Pakistan, but operations there were suspended amid a legal dispute. Executives say new projects are under consideration in Libya and in some African countries.

Osman Karadeniz, the company president, said the idea of floating power stations capable of travelling the world first came to him while in west Africa. Poor or non-existent electricity supply to hospitals meant children were dying unnecessarily for lack of proper treatment, he said, and chronic energy shortages undermined efforts to develop the local economy.

The only electricity presently available in many cases comes from small, expensive generators at a cost of 50 cents per kilowatt. But he admitted this same lack of infrastructure made it difficult to deploy large power ships, so the company was looking at smaller versions more suitable for west African conditions.

The broad political and strategic ramifications of ships bringing cheap electricity to developing countries in the Middle East and beyond was highlighted by Inan Ozyildiz, Turkey's ambassador to Lebanon.

The power of turkish radio

He set the project in the context of Turkey's reviving influence in a region once dominated by the Ottoman empire. I believe there is still a huge potential to tap," Ozyildiz said. Despite current power shortages, Lebanon could become a net producer of energy in the years ahead if hydrocarbon fields located in the eastern Mediterranean are found to contain large deposits of oil and natural gas.

Lebanese and Cypriot leaders met in January to discuss collaborative exploration of the area. The fields lie between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel, spanning each country's exclusive economic zone.

The power of turkish radio

Unresolved disputes over maritime borders may hinder exploitation of the suspected reserves.Having London Greek Radio and London Turkish Radio share a frequency would certainly have been interesting I seem to remember reading there was Turkish programming on that frequency during the time share which came out of LGR's hours but was branded as WNK because of cultural differences.

English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. radio telsiz establish a radio station radyo istasyonu kurmak.

Turkish - English radio-frequency output power: radyo frekans çıkış gücü.

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Turkey’s most extensive power failure in .

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