The demonstration of love and emotions in erich segals novel love story

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The demonstration of love and emotions in erich segals novel love story

The title of the book is: Love Story The author of the book is: Erich Segal This book was first published in: Hudder and Stoughton Limited. In Holland this book was published by: Walva-Boek, Apeldoorn, in Terrible things can happen, when you least expect it. And then suddenly she turns out to be sick.

I think the title is a good one, although the title looks like the book has a happy ending. So that was the surprise, when I read the book. Oliver Barret the 4th and Jennifer Calvilleri.

This can be hardly unimportant.

Oliver also called Ollie by his friends and Jennifer is a lawstudent at Harvard. Oliver has very rich parents, who have a lot of influence at Harvard and are very famous there.

Jennifer also called Jenny by her friends, Oliver and her father is a music student at Radcliffe University. They also call him: Oliver studies at Harvard and Jeny at radcliffe. Most of the time the atmosphere is very loving, but sometimes they have a lot of discussions.

Regal is an American professor of Greek and Latin Literature and used to be a marathon runner. He acted in movies and was a television commentator for the Olympic Games. Besides Love Story he has written: You see things happen through the eyes of Oliver. You read haw he thinkr and reacts and read how others think and react according to his ideas.

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Oliver likes her immediately and asks her for coffee. They kiss and later on the telephone Oliver tells her, he loves her. She tells him she loves him and hangs up. She has a very good relationship with him.

A couple of days later Oliver and his father argue about Jenny. Oliver gets angry and walks away.

Love Story by Erich Segal | Teen Ink

After their graduation, they marry. They spend their honeymoon at a boatclub working. They live in a chaep apartment in Cambridge and have very little money. Jenny wants to go, but Oliver refuses.

Jenny calls his father to say they;re not coming.

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Oliver wants to apoligise, but Jennt says: Oliver has finished Law School and gets a good job in New York. They move to New York and decide they want to have kids.

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For most of the older ones life she ate either Dads cat food or Champion. Review: Love Story - Erich Segal Erich Segal's Love Story is a fast read about the romance between two college students, Oliver and Jennifer, who get married several days after graduation.

Oct 15,  · The novel lays an accusing rap on drug experimentation, the "Big Brother" tactics of governmental agencies, and the burden 48 STEPHEN KING AT THE MOVIES of abnormalcy.

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The demonstration of love and emotions in erich segals novel love story

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Love Story by Erich Segal : Book Review