The blue heron by theodore roberts essay

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The blue heron by theodore roberts essay

Steve Byland With a catch so small, this heron will need to keep fishing to reach his daily quota. Greg Johnston Of the many bird species that inhabit wetlands, perhaps none is more iconic than the Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias. Great Blue Herons get their name from their blue-gray plumage and their large size.

The blue heron by theodore roberts essay

A fully grown adult bird is an impressive sight, indeed. It can stand about 4 feet tall, with a wing span of 6 feet. The top of the head and the throat are white, and the beak is yellow.

The legs of Great Blue Herons are greenish in color. Herons come equipped with long, flexible necks, which they fold in flight egrets and cranes fly with their necks stretched outand a long, sharp beak used for catching prey.

Breeding adults have long, dark plumes on the head, neck and back. These plumes are absent from nonbreeding adults and juvenile birds. This used to be considered a separate species, but now is seen as just a regional color variation of the Great Blue Heron species. In extreme southern Florida where the white and blue heron ranges overlap, an intermediate form with a blue body and white head and neck can be found.

Great Blue Herons are one of the most widespread species of wading birds in the Western Hemisphere. Heron populations in the upper Midwest and central Canada are summer residents only, while those in Mexico and Central and South America are winter residents only and do not breed there.

Great Blue Herons live pretty much wherever water is available year around, whether fresh, brackish or salt. They build their nests in trees near permanent bodies of water. Like many other types of wading birds, Great Blue Herons often build their nests in close proximity to each other, in areas called rookeries, or more precisely, heronies.

That is, they mate with another heron for the duration of the mating season. When the next season comes around, they may choose that same mate or a different one. During the mating and nesting season, the heron pair work together to raise their young. Great Blue Heron breeding seasons vary according to where they live.

In the northern parts of their range they breed between March and May, while in the southern parts of their range they usually breed from November to April. Each breeding season, herons return to the same heronies to nest and raise their young.

Continue Reading Great Blue Herons perform elaborate courtship displays during the mating season. When seeking a mate, male Great Blue Herons will stretch their necks and hold their beaks almost straight up. They then erect their feather plumes to show potential mates how attractive they are.

It is thought that the quality of the plumes tells the female how good a provider that particular male is. Male herons also snap their beaks as part of their courtship display.

The male herons construct the nests of sticks and twigs as high as 50 or 60 feet in trees to discourage predation by animals like raccoons. The inner part of the nest is lined with small twigs and grass.William Carman Roberts, Theodore Roberts & Elizabeth Roberts Macdonald, Northland Lyrics (selected and arranged with a prologue by Charles G.D.

Roberts Occupation: novelist. The Great Blue Heron Adventure ; The Great Blue Heron Adventure. Words Feb 3rd, 3 Pages. I recall one outing that continues to stand out, and I revisit it now as I fondly remember the captain of that occasion, William E.

Browning III, who passed away in Essay Blue Heron Words | 3 Pages.


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Learn about how your material dictates whether your story is a short story or essay or a full length book – or maybe even a multi-book series! All About the Great Blue Heron Meet North America's master angler, the Great Blue Heron.

John E. Marshall | Great Blue Heron breeding seasons vary according to where they live. In the northern parts of their range they breed between March and May, while in the southern parts of their range they usually breed from November to April.

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