Switched reluctance generator thesis

Kapitel 4 behandelt eine Regelungsstrategie zur Maximierung des Drehmoments. Die Leistung im Generatorbetrieb ergibt sich analog durch einen Abbremsversuch.

Switched reluctance generator thesis

Direct torque control of switched reluctance motor drives - ethesis

Ying Wu, Xu Zhou Abstract: For being convenient for researching the dynamic characteristic and the improvement and use of the planar six bar mechanism, for improving the dynamic technical performance, the three-dimensional solid model of the mechanism was established with ADAMS.

Simulation analysis on the working process of the mechanism was achieved. The structure optimization parameters of the mechanism were obtained. The result proves that the vertical location of revolute joint of link and rocker, the location of revolute joint of crank and frame, the horizontal locations of two revolute joints of link are almost no impact on the vertical speed of slider.

The vertical locations of revolute joint of frame and rocker and revolute joint of block and slider have less impact on the vertical speed and acceleration of slider. The vertical location of revolute joint of link and crank, the horizontal locations of revolute joint of frame and rocker and revolute joint of block and slider have greater impact on the maximum vertical speed and acceleration of slider.

Pseudo-dynamic testing using force- mixed control strategy is presented for structures with large stiffness. In this proposed method, the displacement response of the specimen measured by a linear variable displacement transducer with higher resolution than that in the actuator is fed back.

A proportional-integral controller is adopted in the outer displacement control loop, and a coefficient CF is employed to convert the displacement to force command.

Numerical and experimental validations show that this method exhibits excellent performance in terms of stability and accuracy if proper controller parameters are adopted and is superior to the conventional displacement control method for large-stiffness structures.

In this paper, the problem of planning smooth trajectories of mechatronic objects on the basis of Bezier splines of the third order with a minimal curvature is solved.

Using such trajectories provides the maximal speed of movement for mechatronic objects. The neuron net, which approximates the function of the optimal selection of spline parameters is proposed to solve this problem.

The advantage of the proposed approach is its lack of computational complexity, which allows its use in most on-board computers in real time.Switched Reluctance Generator Drive in the Low and Medium Speed Operation: Modelling and Analysis A thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of.

This work analyzes the generator mode of the Switched Reluctance Machine in the direct coupling to the turbine shaft and coupled to the shaft through a gearbox.

The switched reluctance generator for Wind Power conversion June The use of wind energy has become increasingly important as a renewable energy source, and therefore there is an increasing interest in exploiting it using a Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) as a generator and optimise its characteristics in this domain.

Model of Switched Reluctance Motor for Utilization in Sensorless Control of Electric Drive Pavel Brandstetter1, Martin Kuchar1 and Petr Krna1 1VSB caninariojana.comPLE OF THE SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTOR The switched reluctance motor is an electric machine that has salient stator poles (N s) generator mode.

Switched reluctance generator thesis

3. MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF SWITCHED. SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MACHINES A THESIS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Presented to Dublin City University (DCU) This thesis is concerned with the control of switched reluctance machines for both three closed-loop generator control strategies aimed at high speed operation in.

The thesis investigates a high speed switched reluctance (SR) generator suitable for applications such as aerospace and turbo-charged ground vehicles.

Switched reluctance generator thesis

The generator is two-phase with stator-rotor poles.

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