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John P Jackon Jrnoted that the American Coon, "actively aided the segregationist cause in violation of his own standards for scientific objectivity. Natural selection explains success in various animal populations as the outcome of competition between individual organisms for limited resources. This idea is popularly known as " survival of the fittest ", a term first used by Herbert Spencernot Darwin.

Sociology ethnicity

According to definition of Macionisrace is a human category which is societal structured and sharing the characteristics which are the biologically important by the members of one society.

People may be classified their race, according to their skin color, shape of the face or body, sheet texture or else.

On the other hand Giddensexplained race in a more social way which is, race may be taken a hand as a set of social relationship that is permitted people or societies to be placed and many attributes or perfections assigned, on the basis Sociology ethnicity biologically grounded characteristics.

As an anthropologist, Bates took the race I different ways, he explained it in both biologically and social ways.

He defined biological race as; the population which share the typical genetic characteristics that come from common gene pool. On the other hand he defined social race as; it is the biological addition to the cultural heritage or social futures in order to describe societies Bates, In addition to these, here I can give another definition that is very common in the websites which I researched.

According to that information, race is being taken as a group of people which share common biological characteristics Crossman, n.

As an entrance to the analyzing, it needs to be made clear how race defined as a concept. Very shortly, it is a group of people or society who share some common biologically characteristics which are seen by eyes, classified by others easily, such as shape of face or eye, and very mostly color of skin.

Racial differences occurred because of the different geographic parts of the world, one of the simple example is that in the areas where too hot people developed dark color for their skin in order to protect from sun light.

However, even though it has scientific background, the concept has been developed by social perspective. Therefore, one could legitimate the separation of races by showing the existing of the gene or not Bates, As it is mentioned before, differences occurred as a result of many kinds of conditions, and the color of skin is the most seeable difference.

There are three main races which based on skin color.

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It needs to be seen clearly, even though the definition of race seem very innocent, only categorizing the people in order to recognized easy way, it is not. According to, skin color and the physically appearance, people are considered as even suchlike of monkeys.

For example, according to de Gobineau, white race symbolizes intelligence, morality, power else, black race does least capable, an animal nature. In time, differences of races base on skin color became just the legitimate white race and white race became equal to European society.

Sociology ethnicity

This approach has been placed in Marxist approach of race, Marx did not see race as a primary category of analyzing, but superiority of the race, by the way we may mention from racism in this point, serves as a convenient tool of capitalism.

On the other hand, in functionalist theory, they did not developed and special comment for this issuethey did not see race or ethnicity as a different factor within society, but the one of the component for the majority of society.

It is not different, it is innate, and according to their idea, assimilation of the races is not a bad thing, because it provided the unity Anon. Ethnicity refers the important cultural characteristics which has structured in time by the society.

It has reflected common patriarch, language and religion, and it has changed from place to place in time. People may constitute groups which based on their ethnic differences or they may not Macionis, In another word, it refers to the cultural practices, cultural heritage.

Actually, there were not certain differences for ethnicity, it has being produced and reproduced over time. Sociologists have preferred to use ethnicity rather than race; it is going to be touched this issue in the differences between race and ethnicity part Giddens, It has evoked the ideology of lineage, ethnicity emphasizes the lineage as a part of identity and gain by born.

Ethnicity has been defined as culturally, therefore, it might be manipulated Bates, Ethnicity also was structured as social, but because people have defined themselves so, it became important. For example, USA has been multiethnic society, even though they all have been speaking English, twenty percentage of USA has spoken another language in their home, such as Spain, Chinese, French etc.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity? As it has clearly mentioned above, race has had scientific background which is biology, it has transmitted by genes and very obviously recognized by looking at the physical appearance. It was neither tradition nor language, but it was one of the most important key for establishing hierarchic stratification.

On the other hand, ethnicity was more identical with the people. It has been more real for reflecting the life, for both social scientists and societies. Their identity has derived from their tradition, culture, religion, and nation. What it can be seen very simply is that race has been using for separating the people by level, and ethnicity has been using for categorizing people by only differences.

Here the race has been on movement, ethnicity has not been an important. Because of the race has had scientific background, government has used it to legitimate something. Race and ethnicity could be obviously overlapped, but they are distinct.

It can be said that a Caucasian is white, but that does not describe his or her ethnicity. If it has been set out a Caucasian from Ireland, Israel and Canada, it would be difficult to recognize from which country each person comes from.

To sum up, in the definitions parts of both concepts, we can obviously realize what they are and how works.Sociologists use the terms race and ethnicity to mean different things even though many Americans use the terms interchangeably.

In this post, Stephanie Medley-Rath explains why Hispanic origin is typically considered an ethnic category rather than a racial category. The Sociology of "Race" and Ethnicity An introduction to the study of "race" and ethnicity.

The course examines theoretical, empirical, and policy issues related to racism, discrimination, identity, multiculturalism, and social integration. {Harris S () Sociology Study Guide, Pearson Education Limited}.

Ethnicity hugely affects our identity for it is considered to be natural. It identifies us from past generations.

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