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Social scene

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Live reviews Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene has an eclectic style of music that breathes inspiration throughout the audience whenever performed.

It is often a difficult task to describe the musical style of Broken Social Scene as they blend many unique and experimental styles of music in their performance as well as use many types of instruments ranging from the typical rock band instruments to woodwinds, horns, and violins.

They have been classified by such genres as indie rock and baroque pop, but however one wishes to identify them there is no arguing that their unique blends of instrumentation and performance styles are amazing to see live.

Broken Social Scene has been noted to tour with as many as nineteen members, due to the many rich, intricate sounds that are produced when performed live.

The fans of Broken Social Scene seem just as loyal to the band as the band is to its fans. When I saw them in Atlanta at the Buckhead Theater, Kevin Drew mentioned how he just had his jacket stolen before the show. After hearing this several members of the audience responded to his statement by handing him the jacket of their backs.

After seeing this Brendan Canning made a slight joke about how he was in need of a belt, which resulted with members of the audience hurling their belts to him on stage. Broken Social Scene will surprise you live with their elaborate blend of elegant music, and exhilarating performance.

They continue to prove that striving to make music as creatively as possible will result in live music that will form a strong bind with its audience.Social Scene is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Social Scene - Naples, FL

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Social scene

With a passion for all things marketing, I love serving local small businesses who are hustling hard to create the business of their dreams. I’m a born and raised Floridian living in the outskirts of Savannah with my husband, Jedison, our young son, Parker, with our diva Shiba Inu, Holli.

the social scene here is above average. we have a very strong greek scene when compared with other UC's. I believe we have the second most frats/sororities of the UC's, behind Cal!

also, there are always a bunch of frat parties goin on. im rushing a frat next quarter too! Broken Social Scene - Gonna Get Better Lyrics Future's not what it used to be We still have gotten colder Future's not what it used to be You are all whispers, all whispers Just a whisper If you can Got to go there Future's not what it used to be We still gotta Things w.


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