Riordan windows operating system upgrade

Finally, there is a need to alleviate the duplication of data entry by establishing compatibility of systems between each of the locations. This condition was recognized as a problem area in the receiving, inventory management, and financial management, shipping, and customer relations management functionalities. Through high-tech design potential, Riordan creates original plastic designs earning global compliments.

Riordan windows operating system upgrade

The company also has various operations in 3 other Michigan cities as well as one overseas office in China. This company was started by a chemistry professor in and has expanded over the last 7 years.

In Riordan has projected to increase their sales from 46 million to 50 million dollars but in order for Riordan to keep pace with its competitors they will need to look at choosing a better method of reporting and collecting their sales and marketing information technology system.

Each plant has an enterprise resource planning server. We will write a custom essay sample on Riordan Security Issues Order now More Essay Examples on These applications hold vital information of customers, vendors and internal assets which must be secured.

Various cryptographic and encryption standards are valuable tools in achieving this goal. Governmental regulatory compliance also asserts demands on data security. Riordan Manufacturing Locations San Jose, California Plant During company research, it has become evident that the San Jose and Hangzhou network are strikingly similar; each houses approximately 35 — 40 users which connect to each plants two Cisco switches.

The switches are not able to function to their fullest ability because of they are acting in an access layer role. Riordan windows operating system upgrade three Hubs currently connected to the LAN segment is causing very prohibitive traffic flow. Each hub is operating in half-duplex mode allowing collisions to occur on the domain, forcing delays in network transmission across the Ethernet medium and decreasing productivity in all areas.

The recommended purchase of five Cisco Catalyst switches with Power over Ethernet POE capabilities to will promote relocation, as well as, use of IP phones in specific departments. These new switches will replace two switches and the 24 port hub currently in operation.

The two switches can then replace the two gateway switches that are currently connected to the backbone of the network at the San Jose location. This change allows the Ethernet segment to operate at full-duplex mode thus eliminating collisions and enabling the use of redundancy in the network.

Securing company data is primary concern, and Riordan currently does not have viable infrastructure in place to protecting its crucial data from unauthorized access.

A change can be made to establish network security on the Cisco switches, then place Access Control Lists on the Cisco routers.

The network will be more resilient to employees who decide to connect from a privately owned device to the network, and diminish the number of malicious viruses entering the network by only allowing services to authorized users.

Riordan must include a firewall device and install it on the WAN connection, on the Cisco router. Traffic is forced to go through the firewall before being allowed access to the network and this creates a safety net for the company and its vendors.

The implementations aforementioned are recommended for all locations, starting at the San Jose headquarters. The upgrades should be done immediately and while offline, preferably during non business hours so not to upset business flow.

An upgrade to Windows Server is suggested because it has better security built in than Windows NT servers. The ICF, when enabled is designed to monitor the destination and source of IP addresses that come and go through the Internet.

The Operating Systems and Updates category feature the latest update for your system's OS and hardware. Utilities include OS service packs, automatic driver updaters, and . Monitored system capacity and performance of operating systems and applications. • Installed and configured VMware ESX hosts on HP server hardware to support the company’s virtualization Title: VMWare Infrastructure Engineer . Riordan’s CIO allocated $, to fund a project that will document the current operating environment, forecast business needs for the next five years, and identify and make recommendations for system integration, acquisition, and consolidation.

The ICF also discourages port scanning through the internet connection Palmer, A border gateway should be established to control the traffic that is allowed to cross the border from any direction. The border gateway will block communications from any IP addresses where problems have arose in the past.

The gateway could also block any computer outside the network unless permission is given from inside the network. Packet filtering can also be enabled to block or allow packets from specified protocols Palmer, Pontiac, Michigan Plant The Pontiac, Michigan plant utilizes an internet protocol IP wide area network to transmit data to and receive it from the San Jose headquarters and to the manufacturing floor.

In order to protect the data from eavesdropping, the first line of defense is to encrypt the data. There are a myriad of encryption tools to accomplish this. Next, Riordan must protect the network from intrusion. To accomplish this, the Pontiac plant administrator can consider firewalls, intrusion protection systems, IP filtering and automated attack prevention.

Firewalls are integral in blocking unauthorized users from gaining access to the network and encrypting and decrypting information that passes.

In the case of the Pontiac plant, firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Cisco router and firewalls should also be placed on each server and client machines.‘Will you make the move to Windows 10?’ Microsoft has put forward its new operating system for its current and future users with the aim for them to use it more than just a work tool, but also a platform that they love to use on a daily basis.

The FSF promotes the development and use of free (as in freedom) software -- particularly the GNU operating system and its GNU/Linux variants -- and free documentation for free software. The FSF also helps to spread awareness of the ethical and political issues of freedom in the use of software, and its Web sites, located at and Many of these systems are also running Windows 98 as an operating system.

These workstations should receive appropriate processing upgrades and OS upgrades to Windows or replaced entirely. Tracking Systems Riordan’s inventory and material tracking system is .

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Riordan windows operating system upgrade

Upload. The Operating Systems and Updates category feature the latest update for your system's OS and hardware.

Riordan windows operating system upgrade

Utilities include OS service packs, automatic driver updaters, and .