Persuasive essay on pit bulls

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Persuasive essay on pit bulls


Samoyed rescue is rarely dramatic, except for the pups and owners. Most canine purebreeds have a formal or informal rescue network of volunteers dedicated to helping dogs of that breed who are in need.

Samoyed community is one of the shining examples of breed enthusiasts with a nationwide rescue infrastructure comprised of local volunteers. Rescues often result from a change in the circumstances of the original owner of the dog - perhaps due to divorce, death, deployment or foreclosure.

The process of deciding to turn a dog over to rescue may have been emotionally wrenching for the original owner. It may be a selfless act in the best interest of the dog. Samoyeds have also shown up in Craigslist advertisements and shelters and come to rescue through those channels.

Many in the Samoyed community monitor such advertisements and animal shelters and reach out to help ensure that such Samoyeds find good homes capable of giving a Samoyed the kind of care they need different breeds have different needs.

Rescue is usually done one-dog-at-a-time by a dedicated corps of volunteers running local and regional rescue groups who give of their time, money and hearts year-round.

And that is when, for the sake of the dogs, the larger community must step up in an extraordinary way -- primarily by giving money to pay for boarding, food and veterinary care.

More than the usual contingent of volunteers will also be required to help with transport, grooming and other care of the dogs. There will be urgent need for volunteers to open their homes and provide foster care -- perhaps the first time these dogs will have the kind of intensive one-on-one attention that our personal pets can take for granted.

Records may be sealed. Participants may not be forthcoming. But that is not the focus of rescuers, who, when made aware of Samoyeds needing care, will spring into action to see that they get it.

Amidst an urgent rescue situation, why the Samoyeds need care is not the paramount concern. It matters only that they need care. More news here and here ,disturbing facts are listed in a court judgement and subsequent suspension by the American Kennel Club is noted here.

That is an astounding number of Samoyeds suddenly rendered homeless Samoyeds are 69th in breed popularity as measured in AKC registrations in the U. She also began building relationships with the jurisdictions where the dogs were being held. Samoyed rescues around the nation, in turn, reached out to Danielle see if some of the dogs were suitable for relocation to other areas of the country where there may be a waiting list of prospective adopters.

Three thousand miles away, the head of the Samoyed rescue for the Pacific Northwest, Ron Manor, volunteered to update the MASR website daily to accommodate the clamor for news on the pups and make it easier for potential foster homes and adopters to determine which dogs could best fit into their households.

Fundraising appeals took on new urgency when Ron posted photographs of the scraggly Delaware Samoyeds afflicted with oozing ear infections, skin problems, matted and stained coats and some in dire need of significant veterinary care. The SPCA was under no obligation to deal with a Samoyed rescue group and were somewhat leery of handing the dogs over to people who may have connections to the perpetrators in the case.

Fortunately, Danielle and the need to get the dogs placed, proved persuasive. But, sadly, not before several of those Samoyeds were euthanized.

The shelter kept four to put up for adoption and after disposition of the court case, signed the rest 18 Samoyeds over to MASR, to be picked up by Danielle on November 9.

In the frantic first few days of coping with the arrival of the Delaware dogs, Danielle drove out to Hagerstown, Maryland, to meet the Alabama transport at 2: Danielle indicated that she could use assistance transporting the twenty or more Samoyeds still in custody in Pennsylvania.

Persuasive essay on pit bulls

So we topped off our gas tanks and hit the road. I also brought my year old Samoyed, Gidget, because I had no idea how long this journey would take and had not been able to arrange a sitter for her.

It was destined to be a very long day, and night. We parked the U-Haul, driven by Danielle, and our other vehicles behind the shelter and prepared for the procession of 18 Samoyeds that the shelter had agreed to relinquish to MASR.

We helped Danielle configure empty crates into two rows on either side of the U-Haul: With practiced efficiency, Danielle guided us in securing the crates so they would not shift during the drive. She then huddled with managers of the shelter, completed necessary paperwork and outlined an orderly process for escorting, loading and inventorying the dogs.

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Answer the questions according to what is stated or implied in the passage. Pit bulls were originally bred to do bull baiting.

Bull baiting is when a dog grabs a bull by the nose and doesn't let go so that the person castrating a bull doesn't get hurt. Most Common Text: Click on the icon to return to and to enjoy and benefit.

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By Wade Frazier.

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