P2 explain the different types of

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P2 explain the different types of

There are two different types of accommodation. The most common type of accommodation that requires service would be hotels. For example, The Hilton Hotel is a hotel in Manchester and it is a serviced accommodation because they have trained housekeeping staff and chefs that clean and cook everything for you to make sure you have a relaxed and non stressful stay.

P2 explain the different types of

Also, when people book a serviced accommodation, there are 3 different options that are available. These are, - Half board: A non-serviced accommodation is also known as self-catering accommodations.

Self-catering accommodation comes in many different types such as camping, self catering youth hostels, self catering holiday centres and villages and all types of caravan accommodation. Non serviced accommodation is better for families with young children because it is suitable for the family as they are able to go out and explore the different areas around without worrying about times to be back for their meals.

These could be campsites such as Haven holidays or campsites that are either abroad with different companys such as Keycamp or campsites around the UK such as Ty Mawr in Wales.

These campsites are non-serviced because you have to do the cooking and all the cleaning yourself. It welcomes guests in more countries than any other full-serviced accommodation hotel, with more than hotels and resorts in 78 countries across six continents.

The Hilton are still continuing to expand their offers around the globe. In the Hilton Hotel there are 3 different types of rooms that are available.

At these resorts you can enjoy delicious in-room dining, amazing spa experiances and enjoy the sunshine relaxing on the hammock sipping a cocktail. There are also suites available that are very spacious.

These suites have either two or three rooms and they are designed for colleague gathering or for family holidays. These are rooms that are more suited for people who like to stay longer than just a short stay.

The Hilton Hotel was first founded in by Conrad Hilton. People who stay at the Hilton will spend money in the areas economy too.

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These are just a few examples. In the chain of distibution because accommodation is right at the top, it allows tour operators to give out information and deals on the hotel to bring in tourists and visitors.

Also in the Hilton Hotel they would provide preferred taxi companys for the guests so that people can get the best service they paid for.

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