Me and my big mouth

It all started about 3 years ago, about six months after Connie and I got married. I was working as a mid-level mechanical engineer for a large engineering company, and Connie was working as a customer service rep for a national insurance company. Neither one of us made piles of money, but together, we made enough to afford everything we needed, and to slowly acquire the things we wanted.

Me and my big mouth

I eat a well balanced diet, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but once in a while I get a "canker" sore in my mouth or on the side of my tongue.

This is caused by a virus. What Me and my big mouth do at the first sign of a canker is hold an aspirin over the spot and let the aspirin dissolve. That will kill the virus and no ulcer will appear.

BiobiocaR 22 July 15 sir i am in tounge ulcer 2 month. Dissolve 1 tablet 5 times a day for 14 days will help you!! If you manage to eliminate the constipation and get your digestion working well, it will help with the bad breath and hopefully with the ulcers too. I have tried with various medicines and consulted physicians but still I am suffering with this.

Problem - I have ulcers in my mouth frequently remains days in a week. My tongue always remain whitish and I suffer with very bad breath. When I have ulcers I suffer with constipation. Sometimes accidentally biting the inside of the cheek make ulcers. But one of the physician suggested me to try with Folvite Folic acid and Metrogyl tablets.

I am really tired with this. Prans 27 October 13 I just wanted to know if starting B12 strips on the tongue would give me this mouth problem Feels like a bad case of cold sores but on the inside of the lips Tried ulcer treatments and vitamin B plus Zinc, which gave some relief but no cure.

Doctors reckoned it was stress, but I was experiencing ulcers on Holidays!. Two years ago I read an article in Sydney Morning Herald article by two Melbourne doctors researching Celiac disease who found that some customers did not have disease but were sensitive to Gluten in food.

The article convinced me to at least try a gluten free diet, as I had tried everything else. Within three weeks the ulcers disappeared and have not returned, I do not feel tired, and my stomach problems cleared.

After staying on this diet modification for two years I am convinced it is not a placebo effect. It would appear many others have also had a similar experience, as there are many shelves in the major supermarkets with a large range of gluten free products, while most restaurants in Australia have menu items marked GF.

As I have enjoyed relief from those disabling ulcers, I hope this helps others. I figured out that when I drink coffee, stressed, lack of sleep, after having sex this is the worse cause makes me very unhappy create the ulcers. Yes taking vitamin B or multivitamin, drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of fruits helps to prevent as well.

I think It is all because of weak immune system. I use albothyl medicine to cure it. It works for me. I wish there will be a way to cure our pain as soon as possible. Get well soon people!!! Here i am writting about my health problem,please please please anyone give me treatment,please cure it.

One day I took Beer Alcohol after that suddenly my tongue full whited coated,I was habit of smoking,after that coating form i am not having taste of smoking,bad smell feelin,It will always 24hrs since 6 years after taking beer.

Praveen 20 April 12 For over thirty years I have had an upset stomach. Also from time to time very painful mouth ulcers. I was on medication to combat both problems. It helped a bit. Worrying if the problems I searched the Internet for possible causes. Thinking it was someting I was eating or the sugars and sauces on my food.

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Me and My Big Mouth The Promise. Azmaria. "See!

Me and my big mouth

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Andy Stanley Starts Sermon Series Titled 'Me & My Big Mouth'