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Injuries included cuts, back pain and complaints of general pain but were not considered critical, according to a UW spokesman.

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Video Transcript Transcript for Bus carrying college marching band overturns on icy interstate The dangerous weather system making for treacherous conditions as we approach the busiest travel day of the year are on Sunday two feet of snow.

Dumping on northern California soda springs stalling on I eighty mound traffic nearby as officials check for chains on tires.

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And a bus full of students over sporting on icy roads in Washington State. Nearly fifty taken to the hospital here's weather anchor Sam Champion. Tonight terrifying moments with the University of Washington marching band. All of narcotic act MO or entry permit.

The college musicians traveling on interstate 92 a football game when their bus went off the road and overturned.

That climb out of it in which. It's kind of gators as well icy roads temperatures hovering near freezing 47 people taken to nearby hospitals luckily none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening meanwhile in the northeast millions of Black Friday shoppers battling frigid conditions temperatures again dropping more than 25 degrees below normal in some spots.

Sam joining us now in Sandoz tabs set to go up your monitoring that new system that may impact millions heading home from the hall effect. That's right wit now it's been a frigid 48 hours in the northeast last 48 hours but here's the good news about that if you were standing right here 24 hours from now it'll be twenty degrees warmer now let's track that storm you're talking about that's moving across the country the next what it's as they want to put those icy roads in Washington State.

Now when you look at it doesn't look very focused or put together buddy it will it will get stronger as it moves into the center of the country so it's a narrowing intense band of snow ice or possibly even white out conditions.

And he could take that from Kansas the worst weather all the way in Illinois as well. Now we know that folks are going to be traveling from the West Coast back home after the holiday weekend so the airports that are most likely to be involved in this next round of snow.

Are going to be Denver Kansas City and also Chicago wit. I'm Sam we know you'll be tracking it thank you.

Marching on

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