Ink smudges when writing a letter

Correcting Common Mistakes in Pen and Ink — Craftsy 8 Feb It's entirely possible to correct mistakes in pieces of pen and ink art. Hunker 27 Jul When you reach for a writing utensil, it is hardly just a choice of pen or a formal letter or filling out an essay, you need some smear proof stuff.

Ink smudges when writing a letter

Sight words are a must for learning to read! Check out how we do it!


We are ready for sight words! A word about sight words vs. I say teach a bit of both. Obviously there is a need to put those letter sounds to work by sounding out words. But there are tons of words that break those phonics rules and need to be memorized. Also, kids will be reluctant to sound out frequent words like and, can, blue, etc.

For us, it was a combo of all the strategies. How can you start introducing sight words to your student today? With my first daughter, I created these pages and printed 2 to a page. Then we hole punched them and put them in her morning work binder.

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So every day she had a new word and I helped her work through the page. Each page has the following sections: Color in the bubble letter word. Find and circle the word of the day among the other words. Trace the dotted words to practice proper handwriting.

Add the word of the day to a short sentence. We used letter stamps and an ink pad which my daughter just adored! You could also use a stencil or just write the word in.

Discuss, maybe I see a black cat walk in the yard. I also included a chart of all the words contained in the workbook. Hang it up and color in each word as it is mastered!

ink smudges when writing a letter

Matching game — So easy, guys! Make a matching game that even the little non-reading siblings can play. Paper plate hopping — Take a few paper plates or even sheets of paper and write a sight word on each.To his left Pythagoras is writing on his knee, and near him, with ink and pen, is Empedocles.

He may bespatter you with ink, he may hit you in the eye, but he writes a magnificent hand. Beside the press were pots filled with ink and inking balls. HP Premium Plus Soft-gloss Photo Paper sht/Letter/ x 11 in Use HP's premium-quality paper—compatible with all inkjet printers.

Print smudge-free, water resistant, instant-dry . Writing the Cover Letter I. Format & Content contact information – top, right-hand corner 1. Return Address, phone number, w/o your name 2.

No Abbreviations. High-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. Liquid gel ink dries so fast even left handed writers love it. No smears, no smudges. 3 gifts in 1! This innovative light up pen includes a combination LED flashlight, pen and stylus and handles all your writing needs!

Features a curvaceous silver barrel, chrome plated accents and a bright comfort rubber grip. Our retractable gel ink pens feature a mm tip for vivid clean lines. Filled with high quality ink that flows easily from the pen creating a clean and smooth writing experience.5/5(1).

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