Graduate school thesis office

The major department should be consulted about specific additional requirements. In brief, to graduate you must:

Graduate school thesis office

Please make sure that you follow your programs style guide when UAA guidelines do not apply. Flow Chart of Thesis Review and Submission We know that the process of submitting your thesis and it's review is somewhat confusing. The flow chart was designed to assist you in understanding the process.

December 1 no extensions allowed Spring Graduation: April 10 Summer Graduation: July 10 If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the deadline becomes the following Monday for spring or summer semester.

For fall semester, the deadline becomes the prior Friday. Please consult your college or school dean's office for their thesis submission deadlines for each semester to allow adequate time for their review prior to submission to the Graduate School Dean.

Please check with your college or school Dean for their deadlines so that they may have sufficient time to read the thesis and return them to students for final submission to the Office of the Graduate School on the ETD website.

Electronic Thesis Submission You must upload and submit your thesis electronically at ProQuest after your college dean has signed the Approval Form.

Steps for Electronic Thesis Download: Enter website at http: The ETD web page is titled: Follow the online instructions. At this point, you have uploaded your submission and it is ready for its final review. ETD will notify the Graduate School of this event. Degrees are dated and posted immediately by the Office of Degree Services during the semester in which all degree requirements are completed.

Post-Graduation Publication Embargo Extension: Authors must contact ProQuest customer service to ask that they put on a new embargo or extend an existing one.

Customer Service will send an email to the author confirming the embargo has been implemented. Customer Service also reminds the author that they will need to request their library to embargo the record in the institutional repository. Requests for deadline extensions prepared by students are not accepted.

Requests for extension must be made no later than: Extensions not available for Fall semesters Spring Semester: April 1 Summer Semester: The Graduate School staff requires adequate time to review your thesis.

You will require enough time to make any necessary corrections. Not all extensions will be approved.Office of Graduate Studies.

Season Greetings. We wish you a wonderful holiday season! See you all in the New Year! The Title IX and Gender Equity Office offers both online and in-person training options.

The deadline to complete the training is January 24, thesis submission, and university resources. Discover what your colleagues.

Graduate school thesis office

The Graduate School uses ProQuest to administer the electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD) submission process that results in publication in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) database and Cornell’s Library Repository, eCommons.

Enrolled Student Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact the Graduate School Dean's Office and include the following information in your email: How do I make an appointment with the thesis and dissertation reviewer? You can make an appointment by phone at You can also visit the lobby of W.

David Boyd Hall for scheduling. The Thesis and Dissertation Office of the NIU Graduate School is sponsoring an informal monthly gathering specifically for thesis and dissertation writers.

“Write Place, Write Time” is simply scheduled writing time that provides structure and accountability for graduate . Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) Thesis and Dissertation Procedures.

The deadlines posted below are the latest possible dates to submit the required material to the Graduate School. Failure to meet the Graduate School deadlines . Procedures. The Graduate School only requires electronic copies of your thesis or dissertation.

All e-mail correspondences must be through your UNCW e-mail account. Step 1 (Draft Copy Requirements) Have your draft formatting reviewed by your thesis committee.

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