Going forward the innovations of communication

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Going forward the innovations of communication

This relatively new perspective is having some downstream impacts, some of which were widely discussed at the recent Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC. Communication activities have always been a part of almost all innovation activities.

What is changing now is that innovation leaders are considering internal communications as a central element of their programs. In response, they are directing significant attention and resources to develop strategic and tactical frameworks to guide the their employee-focused communication efforts over time.

This is a long-overdue and very welcome development.

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There are a range of benefits that these strategic, integrated innovation communications planning efforts can generate for leaders, including; Scaling impact across disbursed businesses, often leveraging limited direct innovation resources Identifying, demonstrating and driving consistent processes and results Clearly defining innovation, in a way that is both personal and tangible, for an ever more complex range of employee needs Rewarding and recognizing personal success for key employees Promoting a perception of innovation program success Aligning innovation efforts with corporate and business unit goals.

Taken further, these plans can be positioned to better deliver those messages in actionable ways Enhancing a personality and voice around innovation, that may be more open and approachable than the typical corporate tone Before heading off and developing a communication plan, it is important to note that these are medium to long-term initiatives.

Short-term communication activities are what innovation leaders should be moving away from.

Going forward the innovations of communication

It is important to recognize that planning efforts do take time, and can be resource intensive, at least in the early development stages.

The elements included within communication plans change on a company-by-company basis, but there are several consistent elements that should drive success, including: This should include an outline of the relevant timelines, content review processes, channel effectiveness and identification of potential editorial issues.

An outline of key, consistently delivered messages for the innovation program. This should carry over into messages that are specific to individual innovation activities covered by the plan. These key innovation specific messages should align, at some level, with the broader key corporate and business unit messages that are being distributed at any time.

A tactical communication map that outlines how messages and their delivery will flow over a period of time generally a yearbroken down by audience It is important to note that communications can be resource intensive efforts, so you need to understand both the types and volume of resources required to carry out the efforts that have been outlined within the plan.

Over the past years there has been a determined and consistent effort to consolidate and restrict internal communications within corporate organizations. The result is that it can be difficult for innovation program leaders to get their messages across to their intended audiences.

For this reason, innovation communication planning efforts are often designed to lay the groundwork for the development of new internal communication channels.

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These new channels can be directly controlled by centralized innovation teams or by internal communication groups. Whoever owns the channels, planning for appropriate resources and oversight is essential to ongoing success. It is actually pretty easy to build and launch a plan and even to launch a new communication channel.

What can be far more difficult is to successfully manage and improve an ongoing communication channel over time, with an actively engaged audience and robust content flow. Innovation program leaders and their teams are extremely busy and often find it difficult to maintain focus and quality of these efforts over time.

It was so great to hear so many innovation leader and vendors talking about the need for effective communication planning at the Chief Innovation Officer Summitand I look forward to hearing more of these efforts going forward. On a related note, I am happy to provide a tactical innovation communication planning template, that might help address many of the points raised within this article.

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Feb 15,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Freelance journalist covering health tech and fitness innovation Share to facebook Share . The global market is changing fast. We’ve seen rapid progress in technology innovation; disruption caused by new business models, and the aggressive expansion of innovative competitors.

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These factors have led to clients’ increasing demand for digital transformation. Feb 05,  · Fast forward to management guru Peter Drucker who said, “To improve communications, work not on the utter, but the recipient.” In all innovation programs, whether internal or external, good things happen only by listening, understanding and valuing other perspectives.

Communication Innovations - Speech, Language, Occupational, and Educational Services. Serving the greater Madison Wisconsin region including Fitchburg, Verona. Going forward: The innovations of communication technology in China Question: Trace how technology has changed communication in your country over the past 20 years.

With the development of technology, the changes in communication have a pivotal impact on various areas. Definitely, advanced technology is the main driver of these changes.

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