Fun welding projects

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Fun welding projects

A Fun welding projects fan to move fumes out of the garage 1. Measure out the angle iron, keeping in mind that the BBQ should sit about waist level. Placing each piece into your table clamp [see photo], and cut through the angle iron with a jig saw.

It should cut fairly easily.

Fun welding projects

At this stage, you may want to form the metal strip for the handle and cut the cedar planks to size for the side shelves. Ventilation is important so make sure you have the garage door or the windows open before you begin.

If you have a portable fan, turn that on too. Place the pieces that will make one-half the BBQ on the floor and measure the angles and diagonals to ensure that the entire piece is square. Set the amperage to 90 an appropriate setting for the type of electrode being usedand make a small tack weld to each of the joints [see photo — notice the proper gear; a full-face welding helmet and the right gloves].

Repeat these steps for the back half of the frame. With the two halves welded, it is time to weld them together with the three cross pieces [as in the photo]. In order to stand each half up independently, use a C-clamp with a scrap piece of angle iron as a temporary kickstand for each half.

Important — remember to repeat the measuring stage. Squaring off everything is vital to ensure that you have a proper fit and that your BBQ will provide many seasons of cooking pleasure.

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Measure the diagonals, vertical and horizontal line between ends to be sure they are equal. Attach the ground clamp to the frame and make tack welds to attach the crossbars to the front and rear frame.

After all the tack welds are complete, remove the temporary kickstands and measure the angles to be sure that they are square. Using tack welds allows you to easily separate the pieces if the it out of square.

Once you are sure the frame is square, weld over each joint, completing the welds.

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With the frame complete, let's move on to the barrel. The lid of the BBQ should be a quarter section of the barrel.

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So, lay the barrel horizontally in the frame. Find the center of the barrel with your measuring tape and mark off two chalk lines, intersecting in the center of the circle.

It should look like a cross hair at each end of the barrel, or a pie sliced into four even pieces. Stand the barrel up in a vertical position, on a level surface. Use a chalk line to make a mark down the length of the cross hair [see photo].

This will create a single segment from the barrel. Once again, place the barrel in the frame. Using the jig saw, cut along the chalk line. This will be the uppermost seam where the hinges will be placed. After completing the first cut, attach the hinges. It is much easier to attach the hinges before making the second cut.

After the hinges are attached, complete the remaining cuts with the jig saw, using chalk lines as your guide.

Fun welding projects

After completing the final cut, you will have a working lid that is properly fitted. Remember that the edges are still rough, so be careful handling the barrel.

Using a metal file, dull the edges to prevent unintended injury to yourself or others. A flip hatch on one end of the BBQ will allow for easy removal of ash buildup. Be sure to place the hatch on the opposite end of where the handle will go.

This will make it easier to dump the ash. It comes as a complete kit with everything you need. Put on your brazing goggles, rotate the valves acetylene at 4, oxygen at 40 and make the first cut [see photo].

Again, you may want to attach the hinge before making the remainder of the cuts for the door. With the barrel complete, let's move back to the frame and add some of the final touches.Explore Kayla Liebel's board "fun welding projects" on Pinterest.

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Welding Projects are fun. I am trying to do more of them to mix things up and make my videos more interesting. I think seeing a weld done on a real welding project is more fun to watch than just sticking 2 pieces of metal together.

Welding Plans For Fun and Profit Our new welding plans are perfect for beginning and advanced projects. These welding blue prints and directions are all original. Auto Arc Welder (DC) If you can drive there, you can weld there with this amp under-hood arc welder.

Spot Welder. Make short work of sheet metal with this spot welder, doubles as an arc welder. So you want to learn to weld, but you're not sure about how long it takes to learn welding?

This post will give you the keys to learning if you're new.

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