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As the global market expands, those with international business knowledge will be in demand. Graduates of the International Business program are prepared to work in a wide variety of roles, including as management analysts or market research analysts.

Career outlook

Join a Talent Network Physical Therapy Job Outlook Even Brighter with this Strategy Career outlook are few occupations today more deserving of the bragging rights enjoyed by a physical therapist.

In addition, physical therapists are spending their workdays employed in one of the happiest jobs imaginable!

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And that's just the beginning. In today's market and well into the future, those looking for a position as a physical therapist, physical therapy assistantor physical therapist aide would seemingly have good reason to feel optimistic.

But will finding work be a foregone conclusion? A closer look at the projected job growth for physical therapists reveals Career outlook new jobs will be added more in some healthcare industry segments than in others.

In other words, the promising job growth will not occur across every healthcare segment. Physical therapists, therefore, who follow these growth trends and use the projections as leverage when seeking employment are more likely to capitalize on their occupation's sunny outlook.

A strategy for achieving this can be devised from details offered by the crystal career ball. The following chart illustrates the total number of currently employed physical therapists blue columns across six healthcare segments in comparison to projected increases red columns by They are listed in order by the number of currently employed physical therapists.

The first conclusion drawn by reading the chart is that job openings are, and will be for the remainder of the decade, most abundant in therapy offices.

Career outlook

The projections for the other healthcare segments, however, draw conclusions that may be less obvious. To put it another way, while a great number of physical therapists are currently working at hospitals and through self-employment, those two healthcare segments are expected to add fewer new jobs through compared to the more favorable projections being made for home health care services, offices of physicians, and nursing care facilities.

The table on the left highlights the percentage of job growth anticipated for physical therapists across the six healthcare segments. This time, they are listed in order by the projected percentage of job growth. It's worth pointing out that, with the exception of offices of therapists, the order of information here is entirely different from information presented in the previous chart.

These differences illustrate that what we see as common today may not hold true in years ahead.

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Tracking projected job growth trends can be an effective strategy for anyone working toward a new career in physical therapy in the coming years, especially student physical therapists. Certain vitalized segments of the healthcare industry could present unique opportunities for rehabilitation technicians or physiotherapists.

Furthermore, for experienced physical therapists eager to pursue advancement opportunities, identifying the healthcare settings with the greatest demand may increase the odds of success.

The data paints a compelling picture for the physical therapy profession. There is no reason not to enjoy the upsides of being trained in a high-demand career. With an aging population creating an increased need for rehabilitative services well into the future, physical therapists should feel rightfully optimistic about their job growth potential.Career Bridge Washington - Description.

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